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Welcome to Portal Hoy! In our website you’ll find the latest news, reviews and tutorials about all the technology on the market. We talk about everything referring the communication and entertainment technology: computers, phones, tablets, smartwatches…

portal hoyWhat is Portal Hoy?

Portal Hoy is a young and active news site, where you will find every new in the technology world right when they happen! Here you’ll be able to catch up with the last news in mobile technology (such as Apple and Android), computers and even videogames. In Portal Hoy we have our eyes open to every new that comes from the technology world to bring them to you and make sure you are always up-to-date!

In addition to the last news, we also offer tutorials for your computers and smartphones, where we’ll teach you to do simple things such as a back-up copy or things like how to protect your device from being tracked. Do you want to know everything we offer?

androidLatest Android news

We bring every Android update and all its devices:

  • Google Play Store
  • Android
  • New versions of Android OS in every device that comes with it.
  • News about the best Android devices: Samsung, LG, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Motorola…
  • Android-related news: Android Wear, Android Play…

Apple’s best

On top of Android, we will also bring you every Apple novelty: its latest iPhone releases, iOS updates and everything related to the company.


Latest news in computers

smartphoneWe will also bring every news in the world of computers and IT: new operative systems like Windows 10 and anything related to them.

Other mobile devices

In addition to Android, Apple or Windows, we’ll also bring you every new of the rest mobile operative system such as Windows Phone, Blackberry or Nokia, so you find every need covered.

Videogames are also present

In Portal Hoy we don’t just talk about computers and mobiles: we will also bring news from the videogame world. We are up-to-date with the latest releases, and we’ll bring you in-depth articles about the gaming world.


We’ll bring every tutorial you can think of – and if we don’t, ask for it on the comment section!

  • Windows 10 tutorials
  • Downloading Android an iOS games on every country.
  • Be the mobile gamer.
  • Protect your device!

Apps, Games, Smartphones and Tablets reviews

Finally, so you can choose the best app, game or device, we’ll bring you the latest reviews of the market!